Goran Franzijc


Dado, a.k.a Goran Franzijc, drummer and music lover, started to passionate to electronic music and DJing in the early 90’s.
His relationship with many musicians made him approach to different kind of electronic music and, over the years, he collected vintage instruments, sampler and drum-machines, exploring in his productions several musical genres.

He worked with some artist and video-maker and recently he began to work as sound designer for some Tuscan companies.

When he moved to Florence he began to play as DJ in many clubs of the city. During the season 2005/2006, he worked in “Nova Bar” and inspired by the friendship with two big name of Italian techno scene, Gabry Fasano and Athos, he discovered the minimal-techno sound, starting to work to his own music with software and hardware instruments.

In this period he also was part of the live electronic project “Ostpolitik”, and with this band realized the soundtrack of the video-reportage “Managua Boxing”, produced by Non√®ChiaroProdigi and presented at 65th Venice Film Festival.

His live performances and the DJ set made him visit many clubs, private parties and festival, all around Italy, proposing an eclectic sound with strong techno roots, contaminated by funk, soul and hip-hop.

In 2011 he released a RMX version of the track “M.N.D. – Bambook feat. Damasco” (Lowbit Records), and a 4 tracks EP “2 Guys in a box” with his friend DJ Slesh (T-Bahn Records).

Goran Franzijc dance set and productions are now oriented especially to a deep-tech sound, right for late night and early morning situation.